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With schools closed in Virginia (and lots of other places, too!) for the rest of the school year, we parents are suddenly in the unexpected position of having to homeschool their kids! What do we do?

The LDA Create Crate is a great way to solve this while at the same time supporting a local business. The head of our Art Department got her degree in education, and was a teacher for many years before turning to design. She has come up with lots of fun activities that will keep kids occupied, and get them thinking without their even realizing it!

We’ll make a new Create Crate every two weeks, at least from now until school should start again in August. That will be 10 Crates. You can try out just one, or subscribe for 2, 5, or all ten. Crates will be appropriate for your child’s grade level (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th), and each Crate will have activities in 5 different areas: Reading, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Art, Physical Education, and Like Skills.

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