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Create Crate Grades 4-5 – Crate Subscription

From: $34.00 / month for 6 months

In the 4-5 Create Crate level children will be receiving activities in all five areas of Art, Language Arts, STEM, Life Skills, and P.E. View featured activities in the product description below


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Art – A favorite project to do is making a dream catcher. You will find all the materials for that in your Create Crate. There will also be a bit of research to do to learn what the legends of dream catchers are.
Art Journal – Children are encouraged to draw/write every day. Drawing or writing daily has been shown to be a very healthy activity. Some of the pages have ideas about what to draw or write. There is a focus on the elements of art.

Language Arts – For 4-5 kids’ reading comprehension is still an area where we focus. Create Crate will provide short stories for your to read and comprehend. There are some tips and tricks to improve this skill. Another activity is for your child to pretend to be a photojournalist. Important note-taking skills will come into play while getting the perfect photo to go with it! A bit of imagination will almost certainly be of use, too.

Create Crate has a Gratitude Journal for 4-5 kids. It has been shown that keeping a journal improves our physical and mental health.

STEM, of course, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. When you think about it STEM is a pretty broad category. A very popular project in Create Crate is to make a bird house. Not only does your child need to understand the engineering of how it goes together, you get to watch your bird house to see who moves in. There are STEM activities that involve star gazing. It will involve more than just finding the Big Dipper and Orion.

Life Skills may seem a little unexpected. It is many times overlooked.
Baking cookies with a parent may be the first thing that comes to mind (which is a great activity!), but other skills such as setting goals is a way to live your life more intentionally. A more house related life skill is meal planning. Your family could totally skip the question of, “What do you want for dinner tonight?” (You’re welcome!)

The fact that P.E. is included in Create Crate means that we are being very intentional about physical activity. It is an easy thing to skip. We have a great frisbee golf game! There is also a project of setting up an Olympic activity course. Have someone time how long it takes to get through it. Then you ask the all-important question – “Can you beat it?” As you can see there will be some days that they will not know they are exercising.

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