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Create Crate Grades K-1 – Single Crate


In the K-1 Create Crate level children will be receiving activities in all five areas of Art, Language Arts, STEM, Life Skills, and P.E. View featured activities in the product description below

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Art – Leafy creatures are on the K-1 Create Crate graphic. Students will be challenged with finding leaves, grass, pine needles etc. with the idea in mind that they are gathering art materials. In this way, kids take greater ownership of their work because they selected all the components. (STEM crossover!)

Picture-a-Day Journal – Children are encouraged to draw/write every day. Drawing or writing daily has been shown to be a very healthy activity. Some of the pages have ideas about what to draw or write. There are also places for independent self-expression.

Language Arts – For K-1 kids Language Arts is all about phonics and word study. With Create Crate the goal will be to use these areas of study along with sight word study to ultimately learn more words. It is such a satisfying thing to help a child to learn to read! You will find cards or blocks with letters, parts of words, whole words and pictures to play with your child. This can also be done, at least some, independently.

Another type of LA activity would be to make a treasure map for a family member to find a treasure your child has hidden. The act of giving you hints as to where the treasure is a great language skill!

STEM, of course, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. When you think about it STEM is a pretty broad category. Identifying birds in your yard or math games involving kids working on adding and subtracting are the types of STEM activities you can expect. It might be hard to believe, but making a paper airplane is also in this category. This and making play dough are big favorites!

Life Skills may seem a little unexpected. It is many times overlooked.
Baking cookies with a parent may be the first thing that comes to mind (which is a great activity!), but other skills such as being a good listener are skills that will be used every day of your child’s future. A very practical activity for all the levels is closet cleaning – making it more fun (You’re welcome!).

The fact that P.E. is included in Create Crate means that we are being very intentional about physical activity. It is an easy thing to skip. There will be balancing exercises, jumping rope and dancing. As you can see there will be some days that they will not know they are exercising.